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Interior Painting


Interior painting can be an inexpensive and creative way for homeowners to demonstrate their style and personality. There are numerous colors and textures of paint available, including options with extra or no shine. Whether you choose to paint your entire home, a single room, or just an accent wall, a new coat of paint is a great way to give your interior a facelift without a lot of investment.

Although painting a room sounds easy, it can be difficult for inexperienced individuals to coat a room evenly. Too much paint and bubbles start to form, while using too little paint can leave sections pale and off-color. Hiring a professional interior painter near you can eliminate these problems. Plus, a pro can offer color and paint type suggestions, ensure that paint doesn’t get on your furniture and floor, and may be able to offer specialty finishes and patterns.


Nothing can spruce up your kitchen like freshly painted cabinets. Remodeling your entire kitchen could cost more than 20K. At Caldwell Homescapes most kitchen cabinets can be primed and painted for around $1500. The hardest part is deciding on a color. I usually use Sherwin Williams paint and primer when it comes to cabinets.